Monday, June 21, 2010

Waffles and Roses

My mom was here in Portland visiting us last week, so we had fun doing touristy things. We spent one day going first to the Waffle Window, followed by the Rose Gardens.

What's not to like about a window you walk up to and can order some 20 different waffles from? I got the nutella and banana waffle. Verdict: excellent, but I could do with a lot less whipped cream.

My mom ordered the Fresh Hood Strawberry Waffle, minus the whipped cream. Smart thinking. It was delicious as well.

Post waffles, we headed over to the Portland Rose Gardens (not the Rose Garden where the Blazers hang out and an orange ball is thrown around).

Iceburg floribunda:

My favorite rose of the day: Summer Rainbow.

Paradise, a hybrid tea rose:

Wild Blue Yonder Grandiflora:

We enjoyed walking through the Shakespeare Garden.

If I may borrow from Shakespeare with some artistic license, I think I'd prefer the quote:
Of All Dogs, Methinks A Pug Is Best.