Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Very Merry Birthday

June is my birthday month, and while my mom was in town visiting us, we spread the celebration over a few days! First item of celebration: cupcakes from Saint Cupcake. I got "peanut butter cookie", Mom got "toasted coconut cream", and we brought home "the big top" (not pictured) for Husband (also not pictured).

Keeping with the cupcake theme, my mom bought a lovely bottle of 2009 malbec mendoza from Cupcake Vineyards. It was very tasty!

One evening for dinner, we went to Alba Osteria. It was our first visit there, and we will surely be going back because the meal ranks as the best one I've had at any Portland restaurant.

For appetizers, we had a salami plate

as well as peppers and albacore. (I don't care for fish so I skipped this one, but was assured it was good.)

Then came our entrees: grilled steak with horseradish for Husband,

tajarin with butter and sage for Mom,

and ricotta gnocchi with leeks and morels for me. Everything was delish, and the gnocchi was heavenly!

Amazingly, we all had room for dessert so we ordered two: a flourless chocolate cake (it was piping hot and had a pudding-like texture)

and cassata cake, which they brought out to us with a candle!
Pug missed out on our wonderful meal at Alba Osteria, but he got tastes of other birthday week desserts, such as peach pie and blueberry shortcake!