Saturday, June 19, 2010

Simple Pleasures: Sewing an Envelope Pillowcase

I spent a very enjoyable morning over at Modern Domestic taking a sewing class! We made envelope pillows, which are fairly simple to make. First I got acquainted with the computerized Bernina sewing machine, which can do all sorts of pretty decorative stitches.

Then it was on to the pillowcase. I chose one fabric for the front, and a different one for the back. I think they're both from the Windham Fabrics Colonial Williamsburg line (the Botanical Collection, one of which is here).

Here's my pillowcase, wrong sides together, before I sewed it up.

I learned a trick for corners, which was to cut little extra arcs out so the pillow corners won't be too bulky when you pull it right-side out.

The best moment of the morning: putting my pillow into the pillowcase. It's so much fun and makes you feel really productive.
Back at home, Pug approved of the new pillow and has plans to get fur all over it asap!