Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quiet night at home

Husband's working late tonight so it's just me and Baby at home.  I enjoy our time together so much.  Tonight while I was making a simple skillet hash, Baby and I shared some cheese and crackers (well, Carr's wheat biscuits) and listened to my current favorite cd, "Tumble Bee" by Laura Veirs.  There are some really wonderful tunes on that cd like "Soldier's Joy", "Little Lap Dog Lullaby", and my favorite, "King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O".  Baby and I danced in the kitchen to the songs while our dinner cooked on the stove.

Now dinner's over and Baby's going through the spices in the lazy susan.  The lock on the lazy susan broke so for the last few days, she has loved going through the spices and flour and vanilla extract bottles.  Nothing has been broken yet!  I need to think of some solution though so we don't end up with a (worse case scenario) sick baby or a (more likely scenario) extremely messy kitchen.  She just brought me the sherry vinegar.  Oy.  And quick update, she just put the sherry vinegar back, so that's good!

Other newsworthy items: she really loves bringing me her dolls and little cat and guinea pig dolls and having me pretend to nurse them!  It's so cute and melts my heart.  She grins so big-- she knows it's a little joke.  She's also starting to say "Ga ga" for the sound birds make ("Caw caw!").  I finally ordered a jogging stroller the other day and I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival.  I really need and want to get outside and get some exercise.