Saturday, June 5, 2010

From The Kitchen: Sauteed Morels, Noodles, and Pumpkin Spice Bars

I went with a friend to the farmers' market. There are always so many pretty things, like strawberries

and buckets of peonies!

Lots of yummy things to eat too...

If I had a cat, I would have bought some catnip. Is there such a thing as pugnip?

What I did come home with was a bagfull of morel mushrooms. I've never cooked with morels before and I felt like being adventurous. As my friend noted, they look like pieces of coral.

Here they are prior to being sauteed. I did what the woman at the farmers' market instructed, which was to quickly dunk them and swirl them in a bowl of water, to get the dirt out. And then I trimmed the ends.

And here they are in the pan. I followed Alice Water's recommendation and heated a pan, swirled a little olive oil around, popped the mushrooms in and added a tiny bit of salt.

To go with the morels, I made Betty Crocker's recipe for noodles romanoff. Basically, egg noodles in a sour cream/parmesan cheese/garlic sauce. I omitted about half the sour cream from that recipe and it was just about right. I might omit a little more next time.

Verdict: Morels=delicious!

For dessert, I made pumpkin spice bars (also from BC). Technically, I made these long before we had dinner.

It's always a pleasure to make cream cheese frosting.

While the bars were cooking, Pug and I ran outside to enjoy the sun that had magically come out. We snuggled on the hammock. I could tell Pug was immensely content watching over his yard.

Normally I don't make Fall/Winter foods in summer, but the weather's been so strange that it almost feels like Fall. The pumpkin bars were yummy.