Saturday, May 1, 2010

California Part II: Pug Spotting

I was on the lookout for pugs while I was in California. But in the absence of pugs, one does what one can. One spends time with cats.

This was by no means a concession. I'm a cat lover, and used to be strongly on the feline side in the cat person vs. dog person conflict. It always seemed you couldn't be both. Now that I have a pug, I can't choose. I love pugs and cats. This is my mom's cat. He was adopted from the Animal Friends Rescue Project.

I spent yet more time with a cat who belongs to friends of the family. We were invited to its birthday party, and the cat celebrated by rolling in some catnip. We celebrated by eating cupcakes.

On our way out one day, we opened the door to the garage to find the neighbor's cat sitting on top of my mom's car. He seems to think he lives at my mom's house. Probably because she feeds him, and used to let him in the house. Sometimes she takes him for rides in the car.

By day two of the trip, I was beginning to wonder if I'd see any pugs. But I did see more cats.

I liked this little bird sitting on the fountain.

At times in life, there is a lack of pugs, but there is never a lack of squirrels. One might as well enjoy the squirrels.

I thought this squirrel looked very zen sitting on his fence post and contemplating life. Or just on the lookout for hawks.

Speaking of which, there were hawks.

And then finally --finally!-- on my last day in California, I spotted two black pugs in San Francisco. I took this picture from the car as we drove by (because we were on our way to the ferry building for, I didn't know it at the time, cheese and sunflower honey).