Monday, May 10, 2010

A Grand Day Out

Our grand day out yesterday was not quite as eventful as that of my most favorite claymation characters, Wallace and Gromit (in which they go to the moon for cheese), but it did involve a pug, a gaggle of greyhounds, and some excellent pastries! Since it was Mother's Day and Husband's mom was visiting us, we went to the always delicious St. Honore for breakfast.

On our way there, we spotted this elderly cutie outside Peet's Coffee. Any day that involves seeing pugs is a grand one.

Breakfast commenced with this almond croissant which served as the appetizer. Next came our entrees: a quiche Lorraine for the H, Tian Provençal for MIL, and my usual, a croque monsieur.

And for dessert: this beautiful gâteau au chocolat! The raspberries were dusted with gold powder. For the record, this was not light, as the woman in line in front of us said. It was quite substantial, but delish.

We went for a walk by the river

and came across this cavalcade of splendid greyhounds. Perhaps it was a greyhound's birthday party, as there was a giant silver balloon in the shape of the number 5. I'm quite fond of greyhounds myself. We knew a very nice rescue greyhound in Connecticut named Sawyer. However, as long as we have guinea pigs, I'm going to wait on the hound. And anyway, we have Pug, and he's dog enough for us.

At the end of our walk, we passed the Stafford Stones. (They were not, as Husband suggested, erected by the Druids.) They are in memory of the poet, William Stafford, and the stones are engraved with lines of his poetry. I especially like the line, "The river always finds the right way."