Saturday, May 29, 2010

Idaho Pugtatoes

Recently we took a little trip to Idaho. First stop on the trip was J+E's cabin north of Boise.

We had a nice time relaxing, visiting with family, and going to the hot springs. Pug hiked up to the hot springs with us and had a little rest on the rocks while we enjoyed the water.

Wild flowers growing on the hillside.

We spent the rest of the trip visiting with my in-laws and their goats. The baby goats were born about six weeks ago.

Husband's dad is proud of his goats. He owns Nubian, LaMancha and Pygmy goats.
One of the pygmies tried to head butt Pug. Other than that, Pug and the goats got along peacefully. Here's a baby LaMancha looking at Pug.

We went for some nice walks and Pug enjoyed sprinting in the grass.

The weather was better in Idaho than in Portland.

We went for a hike. The dogs all came with. Here's Honey standing in a field of camas.

Abbey and Pug taking a rest at the end of the hike.

Pug loves Idaho. He feels like a real mountain pug there.