Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Very Long Walk

When I go for very long walks, Pug, unfortunately, can't come with. He can walk for one or two miles if there isn't much elevation gain and if it isn't very warm. Where I went for a walk, there were many hills. And I walked for a few hours. So Pug stayed home.

I love taking this path.

I passed a lot of lilac bushes.

What a nice little bench and birdhouses!

Some deluxe birdhouses.

I wound up at my usual spot and ordered a ham and cheese baguette sandwich. The cornichons were a nice touch. And the apricot iced tea was perfect on a hot day.

Foxglove buds.

An enchanting tree stump.

Towards the end of my walk, I was parched and had no water, so I took a little short cut home.

I passed more lilac bushes on the short cut trail

as well as some wisteria. I stopped to smell.

Another handsome birdhouse.

I was so happy to see Pug at home. We snuggled on the hammock in the shade.