Friday, April 30, 2010

California Part I: Cheese, Crêpes, And Croissants

Earlier this week, I went to California for a few days. And what trip to California doesn't involve cheese?

My mom and I both share a love of cheese. The festivities commenced with this lovely little crock of St. Marcellin. It's a soft cow's milk cheese from southern France.

It's quite delicious. Soft to the point of runny, and a bit tangy and sour. Bonus: you can keep the little crock it comes in!

Breakfast the next morning was a nutella crêpe from a cafe. Nutella is my favorite condiment. It's something I don't keep in the house because it disappears very quickly.

Upon leaving the cafe, I saw a roadkill baguette. My heart went out to it. It would have been good with cheese!

This mini baguette fared a better fate, and was served up with Saint Nectair "L'Or des Domes" and Manchego. (Separately, not together.)

Nutella made a second (and later, a third) appearance on the menu when I saw this heavenly nutella croissant sandwich. This can easily be recreated at home: buy a croissant, buy a jar of nutella, cut open croissant. Croissant, meet Nutella.

Appropriately, I went with my maman to Chez Maman in San Francisco. It's located in Potrero Hill. They're known for their crêpes.

I ordered the savoyarde crêpe, which comes with bechamel sauce, tomato, prosciutto and brie. They use buckwheat flour in the crêpe which accounts for the dark color. Fortunately, I was not reminded of Russia while eating it.

Afterwards we went to the ferry building, which is home to I Preferiti di Boriana.

Three words. (okay, five) Pecorino cheese and sunflower honey. How have I lived so long without trying this combination? It is perfect. Perfect!

Sadly, Pug was not able to come on the trip. I know he would have loved the cheese.