Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zut Alors!

"Zut alors" is one of those useless expressions they teach you in high school French class. The teachers make it sound like it's très cool to say-- all the French kids are saying it! Well, don't let them fool you. It belongs in the graveyard of once au courant expressions, gone the way of blimey in the U.K. and gee whiz. Just when you think you'd never say zut alors! again, up pops a wine called, phonetically, Zoot Allures. Apparently it's also the name of a Frank Zappa album (I've just learned this).

I am a sucker for cute animals and birds on wine labels. I also like maps. More on that later. And I know I'm not the only who buys wine this way-- I have already heard from a few blog readers expressing that they too buy wine based on a furry or feathered friend on the label!

I'm not going to try it yet because it's 3 in the afternoon. Anyway, I have succumbed to this cute label before and my recollection is that it was tasty!

My one critique of the label is that it should really feature a pug. I like German Shepherds-- we had a beloved one named Spike when I was in high school. But pugs are extremely photogenic.

Pug loves to smile for the camera.

People often ask me why Pug is so sad. You might be asking yourself that same thing. The answer is that he's not sad, it's just how his face looks. He's a very happy pug except when he gets grumpy close to bedtime.

You might also be wondering how he was able to pose so well for these pictures. The answer is duck jerky and baby carrots.

I'm not very fond of duck jerky, but I do like French cuisine (as long as it doesn't involve duck). St. Honoré is one of my favorite spots for pastries or croque monsieurs. Yesterday I went there for lunch and had a baguette sandwich with brie cheese and herb butter, citrus ginger mint tea, and a chocolate éclair (I took half home for Husband).

It would be very easy to replicate this sandwich at home. I'm not so sure about the éclair...

Casse Croute with Brie cheese and herb butter:

1 baguette
double creme Brie
sliced cucumbers
butter (add chopped chives or parsley)
frisee lettuce leaves
toasted sliced almonds