Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh. My. Baby Pug.

Pug and I just got back from a visit to the alma mater. There was a puppy party for students who miss their dogs (or just like them). Pug was so popular! He was the only pug there and he got so much love from the students. Most of the comments were in the range of, "Oh my gosh. He is the CUTEST pug ever!" Um, I did overhear someone say, "He's a nice dog. He just doesn't have a face." To which I didn't take offense, but hear me out. Pug does have a face, it's just squashed. Anyhoo, I met a few students who were ardent pug enthusiasts as well and we got to talking about baby pugs! I happened to meet some adorable baby pugs at Pacific Pug Rescue's recent event. Here's one of the pugs asleep on the nice gentleman who sat at our table.

One pug is good for now. Pug likes being an only pug.