Friday, September 3, 2010

A Perfect Afternoon

I have had a bit of a cold all week, and so I'm bundled up in sweater and comfy clothes even though it's 80 degrees outside. Cold or no cold, I can still have as good an afternoon as any, sitting at my desk by the window.

I've got ideas galore and it's high time to put pen to paper. Having Pug nearby is always good inspiration. So are the birds outside and the squirrel dangling from the sunflower seed feeder.

I like pretty desks. Somehow I think it helps me concentrate.

Practical schmactical. Sometimes you just need a frog holding an umbrella...

As well as pretty paperweights (the "A" paperweight was from Anthropologie), a miniature book my friend Amelia made for me, and a handknit coaster Amelia's sister made.

One cannot forget the all-important cup of tea.

And my sweet husband surprised me with chocolates! I'm pretty sure chocolate helps both with creativity and getting over a cold. I've already eaten two!

(Adding this on later in the day: truth be told, I ended up spending a good part of the afternoon outside in the hammock with Pug, reading The Diving Bell and the Butterfly for a second time. If you haven't read it, do!)