Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pretty Little Mini Quilt

I spent last week making this quilt to donate to Pacific Pug Rescue's 2nd annual benefit and silent auction:

Some lucky pug is going to be sleeping on this quilt someday soon!  The pattern is from the book Pretty Little Mini Quilts, and the design is called "Spinning in Orbit".  It was so much fun to make!  First I started off by choosing my fabrics, pressing and cutting them, and sewing them together.

Next, I hand-appliquéd circles I cut out from the same fabric onto the quilt.  This was very time consuming.

This is my favorite fabric combo from the quilt: the green polka dots and the strawberries (strawberry fabric is from the Meadowsweet Collection by Sandi Henderson and can be found here, though mine is a slightly different color).

After I sewed all the circles on, it was time to make the quilt sandwich and begin quilting!

I hand-quilted, which again, was time consuming, but well worth it.

I love the tree fabric! I think I bought it at Cool Cottons, but you can find it online here.

Upclose view of the quilting:

The hand-quilting took some getting used to.  It was a little difficult to make the stitches even on the front and back of the quilt.  I used a large polka dot fabric for the back of the quilt, and quilted around six or eight of the circles.

Sewing the binding on:

I mitered the corners and they turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!  This being the third quilt I've made, I've noticed that my corners have gotten much better each time.

Last step: I slip stitched the back of the binding onto the back of the quilt.

Ta-da!  A close-up of one section of the quilt.

Here's the back of the quilt.

All in all, I loved making this quilt.  It wasn't too difficult, and I think anyone who's tried out one simple quilt could certainly make this one.