Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crazy Nine Patch Lattice Quilt Part II

I've made a lot of progress on the crazy quilt I'm working on.  Today was the last  class over at Modern Domestic and I'm a little sad it's over... It was nice going over there every Thursday morning and quilting (armed with chai, because it was a little early to be quilting). Elizabeth is a great teacher! Anyhoo, this is the batting and quilt top laid out on my office floor. Elizabeth recommended this method for putting the quilt sandwich together.

Before I did any of this, I vacuumed up a lot of someone's fur.  How does it get everywhere? 

Once the batting and quilt top are smoothed out, you roll it up.

This is how it looks all rolled up.  I must have cookies on the brain because it really reminds me of a Pepperidge Farm Pirouette wafer.

The next step is fun!  Taping down the quilt backing with painters tape to the floor. Make sure to tape the right side down.

The rolled up bit gets unrolled on top of the quilt back.  Once it's in place, baste all layers together with curved safety pins. 
Et voilĂ !

Learning to machine quilt has been interesting and somewhat challenging.  Here's a picture of the bubble quilting pattern I'm using on every other square.  This is a good pattern to learn on since it's quite forgiving.  For the other squares, I did a more squiggly sort of quilt pattern. 

Here are a couple of the finished squares!  90% is quilted right now.  Unfortunately, my sewing machine was having some issues and had to go in for service.  I won't have it for another two weeks!  I guess I'll finally have time for projects that have been neglected for months, like my baskets...