Monday, October 4, 2010

Caramel Apples, Red Barns

To celebrate fall arriving, I decided to make caramel apples.  There's nothing better than chilly mornings, the smell of woodsmoke outside, and a really good caramel apple.

The recipe (found on All Recipes and modified) was very simple. First and foremost, make sure to chill your apples (6-8) in the fridge overnight.  This helps the caramel to stick.  Put a craft stick or plastic fork in each apple.  Then, melt 14 ounces of caramels (I used Brach's) and 2 Tbsp heavy cream on the stove over low heat.  Stir constantly so it doesn't burn.  I made mine on the thicker side and didn't let it get too liquidy, and I think that also helped the caramel stay on the apples.  Use a spoon to help cover the entire apple in caramel.  I placed my apples on a piece of wax paper... Some of the paper stuck to the bottom, but apparently buttering the paper or dish you put them on will help with this.  Put them in the fridge to set, and you will have a nice delicious set of caramel apples!

Pug was very interested in the caramel apples.  He didn't get any caramel, but he got a little bit of apple.

And I took a walk out in the country...

horses, barns, fields and vineyards

I would love to have my own barn someday!