Thursday, July 8, 2010

Arizona Part I: Cottontails and Sopapillas

Last week I went on vacation to Carefree, Arizona with my mom. We stayed at The Boulders and had a relaxing time in the 110+ degree heat.

I love the desert scenery. This bird had a good view from the top of the cactus.

There were lots of desert cottontails.

Everywhere you looked, there were bunnies.

For dinner one night, we went to the Spotted Donkey. I had the most beautiful margarita ever, which had prickly pear juice and blue curacao in it.

And for dessert, sopapillas! They are one of my most favorite desserts and are difficult to find (well, made the correct way) if you're not in the southwest or California. It's fried pouffy dough, and when you bite off a corner, you pour honey inside. Most delish!