Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cross Fit Baby

Here I am again.  Guess I have blogging on the brain.

Sometimes the husband and I joke that baby is training for the cross fit games.  She is BUSY.  Always moving, exploring, climbing, lifting, running.  I just bought some gentle diapers without too much harsh stuff, called Bamboo Nature from Denmark, I think.  The packages are pretty big and she loves to lift them, drag them, climb on them.  She doesn't stop unless she's sleeping.  She was like this as an infant too-- so aware, so observing, never letting me put her in a crib, never letting me rock her (in the rocking chair).  Funny that I bought a crib and rocking chair thinking we'd use them.... (though we do use the rocking chair, just not while holding baby).  She needs to move.  We walk a lot-- I hold her and walk, I hold her and practice my clogging (within reason), I hold her and bounce.  I weigh less now than I did pre-pregnancy.  Probably what I weighed in high school, ot at least my freshman year of college.  It's because my baby needs to constantly be moving.

When she was an infant, I read in "the baby book" by Dr. Sears a list of traits that a "high needs" baby has.  See it here:  So many of them fit Baby to a T.  Spunky, yep. Alert, yep. Demanding. Busy, strong-willed, energetic, expressive, exhausting.  Yes to them all.  Not all fit though-- she rarely cries, though it's also true I don't "let" her, and she isn't unconsolable.  I can console her real quick with nursing or a visit to see our guinea pig (who lives in the laundry room these days).

On our last date night, I headed off first for acupuncture, then husband and I met at a restaurant.  A little while after finishing our artichoke dip but just before my French dip sandwich arrived, the babysitter called to say Baby had a fever.  I got my order boxed up and headed straight home.  Poor baby was really warm and very sleepy.  We crawled in bed and she nursed and fell asleep immediately.  She slept okay but woke up the next morning at 4 am moaning and very hot.  I was awake enough; I finished reading "Prep" (my second time reading it. I love rereading books) the night before and went to bed early.  We whiled away the early morning hours nursing as well as me holding baby in the folds of my fleece robe and walking, later getting back in bed and trying to go back to sleep (unsuccessful), having tea (me, not baby), eating a bagel with cream cheese, and finally (around 6 or 6:30) snuggling on the couch to watch tv.  Snuggling on the couch is almost unheard of with baby.  Acceptable ways of spending time on the couch for baby  include climbing, reaching for the Christmas light cord that dangles up and slightly to the right of the couch, climbing on any person or pug sitting on the couch, playing under the pillows of said couch. etc.  Also mostly unheard of is baby watching tv.  She watches sports sometimes if her daddy is, but not really cartoons.  I try not to turn the tv on.  But with a sick baby, I'm open to anything and the tv definitely helps.  We watched parts of three shows.  I rated one an A+, one a B and one an F.  The shows were "Noddy", "Noodle Doodle" (I think?  Noodle something.  One sentence was unfortunately very memorable: "Way to use your noodle, Noodle McDoodle!) and Barney.  Guess which show got the F.